Bellaire House – Bellaire, OH

Bellaire House – Bellaire, OH


They say there’s nothing quite like living in a haunted house. I, for one, have had the experience of living in what’s referred to as the most haunted house in the world. One paranormal activity after another, the Bellaire House has earned itself a reputation for being just that over the years. With its violent apparitions, curses, and portals, this approximately 2500 square feet house sits on just under an acre of land. 

The paranormal hype of the Bellaire House is not new. It stretches back to the early 20th century. There were certain events, or should I say incidents, that led to the haunting of the Bellaire House. It’s actually strange because when you see the Bellaire House, the first impression you get is that it’s an innocent-looking house that sits atop a so-called cursed coal mine (portal #1). However, if you go inside or get a chance to live there like I did, you’ll come to witness that the house is straight out of a horror film. In fact, it’s not just the investigators who say that about the Bellaire House. Thanks to the tales, bad luck, and aggressive spirits, even the locals have gone on to label it the most haunted house on the planet. There are a number of houses in the United States that are known to be haunted, such as Amityville, the LaLaurie House, and the Rampart Street Murder House, and the Bellaire House apparently ranks in the same category with them. The house gained a mysterious reputation even during the years when it was sitting abandoned. The neighbors in the area claimed to see people roaming around in the house or peeking out of the windows. This was when the house was locked and no one was living there. There were some who thought that the kids were up to something nifty, but when I moved in there, it didn’t take long for its history to resurface because that’s when paranormal activities in the Bellaire House began to manifest. 

Jacob Heatherington, Eliza Armstrong, and the Bellaire House

The Bellaire House is located near the bank of Ohio River. This is the land where the French and Indian wars took place from 1754 to 1763. The house sits on a ley line, which means there’s a constant source of paranormal energy in the house that goes in and out of it. The Bellaire House is also believed to be haunted because of a coal mine explosion that happened in the Ohio Valley in 1893. 42 men were killed in the explosion and it took days to recover the bodies.

A humble guy of a decent reputation named Jacob Heatherington owned all of the coal mines in the Ohio Valley. He also worked in the mines with his employees and his best friend Jack, a mule. In fact, the old nursery rhyme “This is the House that Jack Built” is about Jack the Mule who helped Jacob build his mansion and expand his coal mine business. Jacob married a beautiful woman named Eliza Armstrong.

The day that Eliza Armstrong met Jacob Heatherington, she saw a star fall from the sky. That was the day when Jacob’s parents were leaving him behind in Bellaire to work in the mines for Captain Fink, who had first rented Jacob a coal bank and later had sold 8 acres of land to him.

When Eliza saw the falling star, she became inquisitive and went to look for the star. She walked to Davis and the farm asked if someone from the Davis family saw the falling star. Mrs. Davis told Eliza to immediately fall on her knees and pray to the gods because seeing a falling star was a bad omen. Eliza walked miles and reached a location where she thought the star had fallen. That location was near the Ohio River bank and that’s where she met her future husband, Jacob. By then, Jacob Heatherington had bought 61 ½ acres of land from Paxton & Wheeling and another 14 ½ acres of land from Captain Fink. That is the land he actually built over the years. Jacob is best described as a coal mining tycoon who paid all his debts, bought 667 acres of farming and coal lands, and 110 acres of woodlands, as well as he was one of the largest taxpayers in Belmont County.

The founder and original owner of Bellaire was Jacob Davis. He was a successful businessman who settled in the town that he named “Bell Aire” after his mother’s hometown in Maryland. Jacob Heatherington, along with Captain Fink, had close ties with Davis, who was also an abolitionist. Together they worked with Reverend Truman of the Bellaire United Methodist Church to free runaway slaves. This is a testament to the fact that Jacob was a nobleman through and through. Not that it has anything to do with the haunting of the Bellaire House; it’s just that I want you to familiarize yourself with the man who built the Bellaire House.

In March 1893, it was reported that the Heatherington coal mines at Bellaire were to be abandoned. The operators had spent $8,000 in an attempt to put the fire out and concluded that no further efforts could be made. This particular explosion occurred in Coal Mine #1 and the scary part is that the Bellaire House sits atop Coal Mine #1.

In 1847, Jacob Heatherington built the Bellaire House in the vicinity of sacred Shawnee Native American burial caves. That makes the house 172 years old. Those caves were right behind the Bellaire House and the Ohio River is right in the front. Physics proves that water is a portal because it is always moving and the magnetic pull of the water creates a powerhouse of energy where spirits can cut through earthbound gravity, gain energy to port back and forth from their dimension to ours. The craziest part is that the portal sits right under the Bellaire House.

This area is still known as the Native American Internment Area. The thing is that the Native Americans who lived in this area used to bury their leaders, chieftain, shamans, healers, and witchdoctors in these caves. They used to hold their ceremonies in this area and practiced magic. In 1754 the French & Indian War rampaged through Bellaire. The native massacres by the hands of French soldiers was large. Blood still stains the grounds of the entire town of Bellaire. The residual energy of the slaughter still seeps inside the soil today.

The location of the Bellaire House is very special because if we look up at the night sky, we can clearly see a planetary alignment of Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter, along with other constellations. This is a perfect planetary alignment to manifest any human desire, but also a way to tap into galactic portal celestial beings! This site was ideal for performing native ceremonies back in those days. Perhaps that’s why at certain times of the day, the rituals held by the Native Americans in this area would reach the peaks of energy and become a manifestation of energy that is imprinted in the land forever. Although Joe Estes & Associates cleaned the inhuman spirits, the house is always active to this day despite all the cleansing and Catholic rituals.

The leyline over which the Bellaire House is built is one of the alignments of ancient monuments and prehistoric sites in straight lines. It is believed by some that it indicates paths of positive energy inherent in the Earth. The Bellaire House is on the tip of one of the most ancient leylines in the world! This could possibly be the reason why the Native Americans chose the land that the Bellaire House sits on because it is supercharged with such a profound energy source that it caused a direct connect to the great spirit, the old world gods, and intergalactic beings!

So there are five things that give the Bellaire House its reputation:

1. Leyline

2. The Ohio River’s constant flow of water which creates energy.

3. French & Indian War- Native American rituals

4. Abolitionist & Underground Railroad

5. Coal mine fire under Belmont Street 

6. Constellations above the house

7. Edwin the Seer & Seventeen Portals

8. Residual energy 

9. Death inside of the house

In 2008-2012, I conducted research with a team of paranormal investigators, that research revealed “The Gray Man” & a “child spirit” named Emily Davis, we also believe the reason why pennies were thrown at us is  in reference to Jacob Heatherington. Jacobs son Alex was left the coal mine company and he was assisted by his daughter Lyde. 

Unfortunately, the business started to fail due to Alex hearing and seeing things that were not there. He also began to have epileptic seizures and declared that “demons were trying to kill him.” Back then people believed that he was haunted and cursed because of the coal mine explosions. But with psychology, we now know that his failures were not only the disorientation of his sanity, but he had possessed delusional energies that overtook his mind, body and his spirit. 

Alex Hetherington was found incompetent and locked up in a lunatic asylum. Shortly after the commitment of Alex, his daughter Lyde took over the entire coal company. A few years later, Lyde also tragically died in the Séance room of the Bellaire House. Her brother, Edwin Heatherington, never gave up on grieving the loss of his sister.After Edwin left the military in the 1900s, he moved into the Bellaire House to be close to Lyde. When Lyde died, Edwin became distraught and at the same time obsessed with the idea of contacting his sister through any medium possible. Several occult experts were brought in from different corners of the country to help Edwin connect with his deceased sister. At the same time, he became fascinated with the afterlife and started studying the occult and the art of communicating through different mediums. 

What he wanted was to strengthen his ability to speak with Lyde. Edwin dove into the occult and perhaps he was not properly trained on how to close portals & channels of spiritual communication that were opened. Currently the Bellaire House has seventeen portals. Through ITC communication with Edwin, he claims he unknowingly opened portals to the other side all over the Bellaire House. 

Edwin and Lyde were also known to have servants. Mostly all of them were named Mary. There was one particular Mary that had a child inside of the Bellaire House and it was rumored that the child had the bloodline that was needed to allow an entity inside of the Bellaire House to grow stronger. There is data documented that a servant’s child was lured to the attic window and plunged to his death out of the window.This energy reoccurred & lured a child to the attic window to open the window and jump. This incident occurred a third time; adult male investigator was lured to the window to jump.   

Rebecca Gardner, a colleague of mine, and I stumbled upon a few handwritten commitment papers that stated the reason why Alex was sent to a mental asylum and what drove him insane in the first place. The reason was the failure of his business. In the papers, it was written that Alex “lost the use of his manners” and became “Non-Compos Mentis”, which means not of sound mind or mentally incapable of managing affairs. I’ve read in articles that Alex would be on the Ohio River, thinking that he was on a boat headed towards Wellsburg, West Virginia. He would be disoriented while roaming around the railroad tracks. He was even unable to identify who he was.

We also came across a psychologist’s advice to send Alex to a mental asylum. The commitment papers stated that the business relations worried Alex and that’s what troubled his domestic relations. Upon further research, we found that Alex was suffering from partial paralysis of his body, which made him stammer. By the time the symptoms of hemiplegia subsided, other brain problems had surfaced. Keeping in view his mental instability, Judge Isaac Gaston (the probate judge) ordered Alex to be sent to Athens Asylum for the Insane in Athens, Ohio.

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    • December 30, 2023 12:49 am

    So, prior to you reading this just know I understand not every investigation is going to have an insane amount of activity.

    We arrived to the location and as we walked up to the house we noticed two women arguing outside of the house at the apartment complex next door, once we entered the house we could still hear them arguing outside. After we finished eating we began our night of investigating, my team member and I began to hear scratching on the walls. Now, this was us thinking that we were hearing our first paranormal noises of the night. Then, from the shadows of the house we had a bat fly right at us… After almost an hour we were able to trap the bat inside of the attic portion of the house, unfortunately one of the “hot spots” at this location.

    Once all of the commotion from the bat had died down we were finally ready to conduct our investigation, we traveled from room to room on the second floor. The second room on the right was the most active, so much so we thought we were hearing our second set of paranormal noises for the night. Unfortunately, it was just rain water dripping from a hole in the ceiling, into one of the three buckets set up to capture water. These buckets were all almost filled, and it looks like they had been sitting there collecting water for a few days without being emptied. After investigating the second floor we decided to go down to the basement, unfortunately we didn’t stay down there for too long due to the smell.

    Now we had been at this house for almost six hours (filming the entire time), all we ended up with was around a ten minute portion of evidence. Like I said, I know there won’t be activity during every investigation, but for this house to be one of “the most haunted houses in the world” I truly believe it to be overhyped, over-investigated, and unfortunately run down.


    • Power throughout the house


    • Sketchy area of Ohio
    • House is rundown
    • Not active
    • July 15, 2023 6:07 pm

    Hmmm…. What can I say that wont upset the applecart here… Let me start by saying the owners are very nice.

    Ok now that that is out of the way. this place was massively overhyped, in my opinion. Not a thing happened all night. Nothing.


    • Nice owners
    • Power


    • In a rundown area of town
    • there was a strong odor of tuna fish in the kitchen and kittens on the back porch
    • Non active.

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