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Hell House – Lehighton, PA

LEGEND: Ask anyone in Palmerton about Oliver Sommersby and they’ll tell you about what happened that gruesome night in 1929. The.

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New Egypt Historical Society Museum – New Egypt, NJ

History The Reckless House—In the beginning the Sexton Family owned the property that our museum is located on. Jacob Sexton.

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Bayley Seton Hospital – Staten Island, NY

On October 1, 1831, Staten Island’s first hospital, the Seaman’s Retreat, was opened here by the Marine Hospital Service, to serve.

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Bellaire House – Bellaire, OH

History They say there’s nothing quite like living in a haunted house. I, for one, have had the experience of.

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Delaware Mortuary Museum- Wilmington, DE

The Delaware Mortuary Museum is a painstakingly curated collection that has been in the making for nearly a decade. Jessica.

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Enfield Demon House – Enfield, CT

Brief History – Built in 1771, this home has quite a storied past. Deaths as far back as the 1850s. In.

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The Old Hospital On College Hill- Williamson, WV

The History Named after Wallace J. Williamson, the son of Benjamin Williamson who once owned all the land that is.

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Historic Atlantic County Courthouse – Mayslanding, NJ

The courthouse was built shortly after the county was created in 1837. The building was originally constructed in 1838 and.

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White Hill Mansion – Fieldsboro, NJ

History For Booking Info –

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The Cabin on 360 – Mechanicsville, VA

This land has seen THREE Civil War battles… Bethesda Church, First battle of Gaines Mill, and Totopotomoy Creek… It is.

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The Haunted Haymond House- Sutton, WV

The William Edgar Haymond House is a Queen Ann style home built in 1894. It still has it’s original floors.

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The Historic Boxwood Inn- Newport News, VA

The History Originally the home of Simon Reid Curtis, the southern mansion was built in 1897. It was the first.

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