Kreischer Mansion – Staten Island, NY

Kreischer Mansion – Staten Island, NY

Kreischer House, also known as Kreischer Mansion, is a historic home located at CharlestonStaten IslandNew York City. Built by German immigrant Balthasar Kreischer about 1885, it is a large, asymmetrically massed 2+12-story, wood-frame house in the American Queen Anne style. The rectangular house features spacious verandas, gables with jigsaw bargeboards, decorative railings, posts and brackets, tall chimneys, and a corner tower. It was one of two mansions built by Kreischer for his sons. The surviving house belonged to son Edward Kreischer; the other one had been his brother Charles’s.[2] It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.[1]


On June 8, 1894, Edward B. Kreischer committed suicide by shooting himself in the right temple near his place of business.[2][3] Since then, there have been claims that Kreischer has haunted the property.[2][4] Along with other local stories of the house’s violent history, this has given the house a supernatural reputation, leading it to be used as a location on television shows including Boardwalk Empire.[2]

In 1998 the Kreischer Mansion was bought with the intention of restoration and eventual sale by Isaac Yomtovian.[2] In 2008, then caretaker Joseph “Joe Black” Young was revealed to be a hitman for the Bonanno crime family, more specifically serving under Bonanno Soldier Gino Galestro.[5] He was convicted of the murder of rival mob associate Robert McKelvey, committed three years earlier on the property.[5][6][7]

Reputed hauntings

The house is reputedly haunted. In 2019, paranormal investigators from American television series Paranormal Lockdown visited the house; the resulting investigations became an episode of the show’s first season.

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