Delaware Mortuary Museum- Wilmington, DE

Delaware Mortuary Museum- Wilmington, DE

The Delaware Mortuary Museum is a painstakingly curated collection that has been in the making for nearly a decade.

Jessica grew up in the old Griffith Funeral Home in Rockdale, PA.  From that point, she has had an accute interest in the history of funeral service.  

Chris recieved his B.A. in History from Rowan University and has always had a love of history and educating others.

Chris and Jessica met each other in 2013 and the adventure began!

The first item they found was a 1920’s Eckels embalming machine, discovered at a flea market in Philadelphia.  This is where the collection, research, and dedication to saving and preserving funeral history really kicked into high gear.  They continued collecting items little by little until the pandemic hit.  Many area funeral homes started to remodel and throwing away priceless pieces of their firms’ history.  Chris and Jessica got word of this and their mission really began.  Traveling throughout the Delaware Valley, through New England, and as far as southern Virgina, they began saving items and converting a portion of their home into a funeral history museum.

Officially opening to visitors in November of 2022, the Delaware Mortuary Museum is not only a collection of random funeral items, it’s a depository of 150 years of stories, history, and artifacts nearly lost to neglect, destruction, and indifference.

We hope you can come visit our modest mortuary museum!

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    • September 2, 2023 1:12 pm

    I visited Chris and Jessica’s Delaware Mortuary Museum on June 24th, 2023 after meeting them at the Pennhurst Paracon. They were extremely welcoming and excited to have someone conduct an investigation as they firmly believed they had items that had attachments, if you visit, pay respect to Karen.
    Upon arrival, Jessica brought us in, and she and Chris gave us a walk-through of the two-story space. They told the history of some of the items but graciously avoided giving hints or the standard “this item is haunted.”
    We kicked off the investigation by placing cameras, rem-pods, and a recorder in Karen’s coffin. Immediately, we started getting K2 and rem-pod hits/responses. Whatever the spirit is seemed to follow Mike throughout the museum. Ultimately, we concluded the night by gathering around Karen’s coffin and dress and letting Chris and Jessica try to make contact and talk to her.
    The museum was a great experience, the hosts are great and are passionate about their museum, their unseen guests, and providing the public with an opportunity to learn more about mortuaries and the items used to preserve and honor the deceased.
    I would without a doubt visit/investigate this location again.

    Everyone loves a follow-up! On August 25th, I made my return to the Delaware Mortuary Museum to see what activity could be stirred up and captured. Unlike the first visit, this investigation focused on the basement. We had previously focused on both the first floor and basement. As noted above, the first floor was extremely active due to Karen’s coffin, and dress (I believe). Our second investigation did not disappoint! Much like any investigation, we had the typical conversation with the hosts, discussing any new activity or phenomenon that we should note and then we set off to set up equipment, do preliminary readings with equipment. Almost immediately we had responses with our K2s and rem-pod. We heard knocking behind their newest addition a medical skeleton and walking around the first floor, in both instances, we talked with the hosts and they confirmed that there were on the second floor of their building.
    After some time, I estimate about an hour, we brought the owners of the building to the basement to act as trigger objects. I suggested that Chris layout rules for the spirits to abide by since they had had issues with their animals being scared and issues with electronics being manipulated. We were all astonished at what occurred after Chris gave his list of rules. It sounded like someone was dragging something through their kitchen, which was directly above us. Chris immediately went upstairs to make sure no one had come into their house and confirmed that we were the only “living” people in the house.


    • Courteous Hosts
    • Great Attraction


    • Small location
    • August 26, 2023 12:30 pm

    When I first heard about this place, I was a little skeptical of the idea. However once visiting, I can say without a doubt, there is something going on there. Pulling up to this location can be a bit misleading, until you see the hearse. Once inside you are greeted with a coffin and a body transport box immediately to your left. I have been here twice, and both times did not disappoint. Upstairs is where we got the majority of our evidence the first night. On the second, we tackled the basement. Holy cow. Between the first and second visit, the owners had acquired a human skeleton, so that was pretty cool to have with us during night 2. Lots of activity, including audible growls, and breaths. Rem and K2 activity, and we even used the Necrophonic for a bit. (I know, I know).

    With all that said and experienced, I can whole heartedly say that there is something inside this location that would like to communicate. So if you get a chance to meet the owners, see if you can also tour and possibly investigate this amazing diamond in the rough.

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    • Nice owners
    • Cool museum
    • Activity was good


    • A little small. 5-6 people tops.

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