Hell House – Lehighton, PA

Hell House – Lehighton, PA

LEGEND: Ask anyone in Palmerton about Oliver Sommersby and they’ll tell you about what happened that gruesome night in 1929. The night he stole the lives of everyone inside the Waldorf Hotel and then disappeared into thin air. But… ask the folks of Forest Inn about Oliver and you’ll get a different story, one you won’t forget.

In 1955 a seemingly wealthy gentleman from California, built an establishment along Route 209 in Lehighton. A pub and restaurant with rooms to rent, calls it the Waldorf Hotel, a place for the middle class people to be merry and rest their souls…but rest…their souls never will. Over the next 10 years this “gentleman” from California tortured and killed at least 25 innocent people; women, children, whomever he could get his hands on, the ones he thought no one would miss until… he picked the wrong little girl.

Ella, a beautiful, sweet girl. The prized possession of her father, Thomas, the town’s new butcher. Thomas just wouldn’t stop until he found out what happened to his little girl. He searched night and day for two weeks before he ended up here, at the Waldorf Hotel. Fatherly intuition told him this was the place he would find his daughter. He tore into the pub, searching every room until he came across the mysterious man from California crouched in the corner of the attic with a grin on his face. At that moment, Thomas realized that the man before him was none other than Oliver Sommersby!! He lunged at Oliver but came to a sudden hault when he saw what was lying beside him. It was the remains of his beloved daughter, maimed and nearly unrecognizable in death. Before Thomas had any time to react, a flash of pain ripped through his chest. Oliver had stabbed him in the heart. But Thomas refused to be taken down so easily, he WOULD avenge his child. With this thought came the strength enough for Thomas to rip the blade from his own chest and plunge it into Oliver’s. There, they both would die in mixing pools of blood on the floor.

This tale of good versus evil should have ended there, but it doesn’t. It will live on forever, as all who enter will come to witness on their own, for the souls of all killed remain here still, restless and looking for revenge! You may even come to witness the ghost of Oliver Sommersby himself! Will he come to steal your soul too? Think you’re brave enough to find out? Come inside, we’re all waiting!!!!

Sounds cool? It’s a complete fabrication. 

Written to entice you visit this fine Haunted Attraction. What they don’t tell you, is that this is completely separate from the other pile of shit and lies they are pushing for HELL HOUSE. The supposed paranormal investigations they conduct there (in the same building) are absolute trash central. (my opinion)

There is a mentalism aspect to leaving Haunted House decorations out during an investigation. Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer a sterile environment. Now I will concede 2 points of contention here: 1. I was not there the entire night, I left a couple hours in to it. 2. As in most things paranormal, you may not catch activity the first time visiting.

The talk boxes are intercoms used to communicate with the workers during haunt season. Well, that ended in November. In January there is no excuse as to why those are still plugged in and hidden in a closet.

Why did I leave early? I will not waste my time in a completely contaminated environment. I won’t. I never asked for a refund. I’ll take it as a learning experience. And I have to thank this location for instilling a “Research then Commit” SOP into my future investigations.

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    • August 11, 2023 4:18 am

    It’s pretty cool to investigate the set of a horror movie (Hell House LLC) and also an active “scare” attraction during Halloween (aka The Waldorf Estate of Fear). Oh btw, this location is also haunted! The house has many different layers of paranormal activity stemming from settlers in 1742 – current, none of which are demonic. The host team, Palmerton Area Research Alliance, and many other people/ teams have come in and had memorable nights investigating and gathering evidence. It’s a large location with 4 floors (including basement) where you can setup different experiments in many areas of each floor. The building has furniture and horror props, but you can still easily investigate and maneuver just like other museum like venues that we all love going to. You can save money on lodging expenses by sleeping at this location, or there are hotels within 10 minutes. Don’t hesitate to contact the hosts and ask any questions about the venue and your arrival.


    • Paranormal Activity
    • Overnight Stay
    • Movie Set/Haunted Attraction


    • Rural traffic
    • August 9, 2023 2:47 pm

    My experience investigating Haunted Hell House in Leighton, PA, was incredible. From the moment we arrived, we were greeted warmly by the staff and allowed to ask questions and learn about the haunting phenomena and the investigation’s mission. Everyone was amiable, knowledgeable, and passionate about what they were doing. The team’s expertise and dedication to the property were impressive and inspiring. All our equipment was up-to-date and of the highest quality, and we had every opportunity to observe, question and learn. What was even more remarkable was how well the team was able to capture evidence of activity that we all experienced. It was a fantastic journey, and I highly recommend Paranormal Investigations for Haunted Hell House in Leighton, PA, to anyone wanting an unforgettable experience!


    • The chance to debunk a local legend
    • Learning about local history
    • Gaining insights into human psychology or social behavior patterns related to fear


    • There were none
    • August 8, 2023 7:20 pm

    Such a unique and active location with amazing hosts. I have been here twice and can’t wait to go back again! Perfect for anyone who loves all things horror, Halloween, and paranormal. Multiple hot spots for investigating, and an overall creepy feel. The hosts are extremely welcoming and kind.

    • August 8, 2023 4:20 pm

    I personally love this location!! I’ve been here both as a haunted attraction doing the Halloween season and also as an investigator. The staff was super awesome and it was an amazing experience. I plan on going back again as well! The location being too close to the road is really my only issue as far as sound pollution goes.


    • Great staff
    • Good structure in the house.
    • Easy to find location


    • Too close to the road
    • August 8, 2023 2:25 pm

    We visited from Ontario Canada and this place was awesome. This was our second of probably many more visits. The history of the town and land was very interesting. We were getting activity even before we started with the investigation. It was really cool to be in a filming location and also able to investigate the the house. So much activity throughout the night made it hands down the best investigation I have been involved with. Thankyou to all involved.

    • August 8, 2023 12:03 pm

    Being a huge fan of the Hell House movies this was a must see. I have been to this location several times for different types of events. I have done all the attractions they have to offer during Halloween and it was amazing. From escape he’ll house to the corn maze it was very well done. I have also done several investigations with the resident team (Laurissa Rex). Now I am no expert in paranormal investigations. You could even call me a skeptic. What I will say is I have had the most fun dabbling in the afterlife at this location. The team is very friendly and down to earth. I was able to hang out with them outside of the events and they are great people. I couldn’t give this venue a better review. All aspects met my expectations and beyond. If your thinking about going just do it. Make a weekend of it and explore all they have to offer.


    • The venue is amazing
    • Knowledgeable in everything paranormal
    • It’s the filming location of Hell House enough said


    • The only con for me is the 1.5 hour ride
    • August 8, 2023 3:03 am

    We visited this location this past weekend. 4 of us traveled from Niagara Falls, Canada to investigate this incredible location. Aside from being the filming location for one of my very favourite horror franchises, it is also notoriously very haunted. And let me tell you, we were not disappointed! I understand that spirits don’t always “dance” when you want them to “dance”. So we were prepared for a quiet night, but certainly not hoping for one. Lol We started having activity before we even entered the location with hearing voices outside in the side garden! From there, with some help from our very gracious, experienced, and knowledgeable hosts, we were able to set up a very detailed and organized investigation that produced incredible results. We conducted some cool experiments that lead to voices, us being touched, a shadow figure, SLS figures, class A EVP’s, motion sensors being activated all over the place and too many EMF hits to count. We had such an amazing time and we CAN NOT WAIT to return next year for another investigation. This place is a must for any paranormal investigator. I would definitely recommend doing the private rental if u are interested in doing your own investigation. This location is truly AWESOME!


    • Amazing hosts
    • Lots of activity
    • Length of investigation time


    • Too far from home - wish I could visit more often!
    • August 8, 2023 3:02 am

    I have been here only twice to investigate and both times have been amazing!!!!!! I’ve had many experiences here while investigating without any kind of special equipment. I’ve had cold spells on my leg that carried into a different room and also felt coldness on my hand.
    I’ve also been through their haunt during Halloween time and the actors are professional in their delivering of their characters.

    Will definitely want to do more investigations here and experience more paranormal activities

    • August 8, 2023 2:43 am

    First a little about us. Marcel has been a paranormal investigator for over 20 years. He has been a part of extremely well known teams and also has experience in running paranormal events. I have been investigating for 6 years and although I don’t have decades of experience, I have been to some the most haunted locations in the U.S. We can tell you that we take our investigations very seriously and, yes, we also love to have fun, but can we all agree that it should be fun?! We cannot fairly speak on group investigations held at the Waldorf Estate of Fear as we prefer to do work alone or with a small group of like minded investigators. We rented this location for a private investigation. It was just the two of us and we can tell you that we had an amazing night! Our DR60 captured direct responses, our SLS was responding to commands, we had footsteps in the attic, strange and extremely exciting responses to music in the bar area and a disembodied woman’s voice in the upstairs bedroom. Additionally, we have now slept here twice. Once in the basement and once in an upstairs bedroom where we received our best evidence. I must also add the creep vibe, for me, was pretty intense. My late night solo trips to the bathroom gave me feelings of dread, which I do not usually feel. We loved our experience so much that we have already planned our next two visits.
    For us, it was well worth the money. We felt welcomed and respected. I have included an excerpt from a review I did for our first visit here.
    Please understand that if you go here, you will see props for Halloween. I’m not quite sure why people have a problem with this as it is a well known and highly successful haunted attraction. It’s not an disingenuous, as it is part of the allure for fans of the film that was shot here, as well as the haunt that is done here in the fall. If you can’t understand that, then stick to more traditional locations. Many places we go to have props, but no one complains about those.
    We had no prior knowledge of any made up stories and were not led to believe any made up history. Maybe others were given a back story, but we were not. Simply a few hot spots, but that was it.
    So from the perspective of a private investigation, we highly recommend!
    Here is an excerpt from our first review regarding an encounter we had on our first visit…
    Organization is key when holding these events, and as one of us (Marcel) has years of experience when it comes to running paranormal events, we immediately noted that this group had their proverbial shit together! Our first hint of their organization standards came as we were meandering our way from Connecticut to Pennsylvania. We had a few questions about purchasing their packages. Not only were our questions answered immediately, but their high standards of doing business were reflected in their desire to help us to save some money when purchasing packages that included items that we did not need. I repeat…they wanted to save US money. Right away we knew. This was an organization that we wanted to know more about. A group of like minded, amazing people that we now would seek out to support. You know that old saying, “You only have one chance to make that first impression that lasts a lifetime.”

    Happy haunting and please remember to always be kind to one another.


    • Extremely helpful, friendly and respectful owner and event runners.
    • Several locations in the house to investigate.
    • Lengthy time allowed for private investigations


    • Close to a main road, some locations in the house may have noise pollution if a car is passing by.
    • August 8, 2023 1:28 am

    Hell House is an absolute thrill for both paranormal investigators & horror enthusiasts! As a haunted location that has been featured in numerous chilling films, it offers a spine-tingling experience like no other. The presence of eerie props adds an extra layer of fear, creating an atmosphere that feels strangely alive with supernatural energy. The energy it provides to spirits or thoughtforms makes it an authentic and unforgettable encounter with the unknown. Brace yourself for an unforgettable and hair-raising journey into the world of the paranormal! I even had spirit box voices say ‘Dad’ to me in my son’s voice. We had motion and emf detectors blasting for no apparent reason. I stayed 12 hours overnight and experienced loud noises during the night and found things on the floor that weren’t therecorders. We even had a door open with force for no reason and slam into an investigator. I will definitely go back again!


    • Lots of diverse activity!
    • Definitely one of the most scariest locations I have been to.


    • Too many rooms to cover at times, so divide up team or set up static cameras and evp rexorders.
    • August 8, 2023 1:25 am

    From the jump, I was excited to investigate this location due to having watched the films and having experienced the haunted attraction in October, so the fact that there is real genuine history to this building on top of it, made it all the more worth while to check out, and it did not disappoint whatsoever. The interactions with the spirits at Hellhouse that I encountered were not only fascinating but a degree terrifying as well. From one of my team members getting screamed at in her ear while completely alone, SLS evidence that was staggering, and just the overall experience was fantastic. I have already recomended this place to several friends who are interested in paranormal investigation, and just the overall history of the building itself. I do not only speak for myself, but for my whole team when I say we cannot wait to return for another night at Hellhouse.


    • Great evidence
    • Historical building
    • Genuine interactions
    • August 8, 2023 1:12 am

    So when I first heard we were going to Hell House I didn’t know what to expect! I thought to myself. How can a haunted attraction actually be haunted? Well let me tell you it did not disappoint! The minute I put the clown mask on the place went wild! Things running around upstairs! Voices outloud. We had a ton of clear EVPs! I actually got a little scared at one point. It takes me a lot to get scared. I lived at the Conjuring house for a year and was alone for over a month and I never got scared once. I’m not sure what happened with the other comments on here, but I had an great experience. I would recommend! I was pleasantly surprised and am going back again in November!


    • Haunted


    • Far from my home
    • August 8, 2023 1:05 am

    This spot is active, unique, and the folks who run it are incredibly kind and authentic. Definitely check this place out if you get the chance!

    • August 8, 2023 1:03 am

    Who wouldn’t love investigating a haunted house that’s haunted for real? Pretty much every room in the hotel has a spirit residing in there. From the children, to the chef, to the magician, the shadow man, John the bartender, and the farmer looking for his goats. I can sense spirits, and see spirits white energy, and this place definitely didn’t disappoint.


    • A very very active place with spirits that love communicating


    • Need a map so I don’t get lost in there lol
    • August 8, 2023 12:53 am

    The house is haunted. It us also a haunted attraction and the set of a movie, Hell House. LLC.

    “Talk boxes” or intercoms were in closets UNPLUGGED. They are there for the actors during the haunted attraction. Period.

    The legend is written for the haunt. It has nothing to do with the actual Haunting taking place there.


    • Host team accommodates special requests
    • New location
    • Large venue
    • August 7, 2023 4:46 pm

    Where begin. First I will say this:
    When I first went to this location I was told I was the first to investigate it, therefore, I didn’t ask around for opinions to see if anyone had been there. – so I’m thankful for this site. One thing I learned from this experience with Hell House, is to make sure I check out a location before going if it’s newly opened for private investigations . If it’s too far, something like Haunted Lists will help, so thank you!
    I will say this again and again- I CAN NOT SAY THIS PLACE IS HAUNTED OR NOT HAUNTED. What I can say it was impossible to conduct a legit Paranormal investigation with all the contamination. 1. There were intercom talk boxes in the rooms, turned on that are wired to the “control room” Where Laurissa Rex and her team are located during the time you are there. So- RULE OUT ANY POTENTIAL AUDIO RECORDINGS. 2. No insulation. Therefore hearing the team in the control room sending texts, talking amongst themselves and dropping things can be heard through out the building throw out audio 3. Laurissa’s team joined in the investigation before we were made aware that it was happening. Again throw out audio 4. The Halloween props are still up and ready to go for Halloween. All good if you are not taking your investigation serious and simply doing it for FUN! We were told to point SLS cameras to the ceiling due to The props interfering. RULE OUT ANY VISUAL data. 5. Different color lights (strobe lights) in place, turned on and blinking the entire time. The doors are unable to shut therefore AGAIN, no visual data can be taking into account. 6. The wiring throughout is so old and causes an insane amount of high readings.. RULE OUT. 7. No history to the site, construed history. Acting rolls about this location is either to favor the movie or the haunted attraction. There’s been no record of ANY deaths. No history other then 3 owners and the property was established in the late 1800’s. On record, this was not a running structure, house, Brothel, bar, stable, business until 1960’s. The claims coming from this “haunted” attraction has come from a psychics self proclaimed abilities to communicate with the dead. RULE OUT BEING ABLE TO VALIDATE ANYTHING REMOTELY POSSIBLE THROUGH RESEARCH.

    I will not apologize for my opinion. I have contacted the people that run this location privately before I told people WHEN ASKED, my opinion of the place; which they were aware that I was going to do so because I told them I was. They were offered to have a conversation but refused. Instead of listening they cried they were being “attacked” and stared and are continuing to play victims and trash anyone who doesn’t agree.

    I do not recommend this location to anyone who is a serious paranormal investigator looking for truth and answers. Again if you just want to have a fun night and know you won’t be able to present your findings from there without questions , ENJOY! If you want to go to their events that are again FUN, entrainment.. please, GO. HAVE FUN. But to the serious dedicated investigator this is a waste of time and money when signing up for the private investigation.

    For further information please see my 2:30 hour review we did on “I am Kenny Biddle” podcast from February 2023. The location renter , staff, and team were offered to come on, but they had a lot to say on the comments. That should help clarify.


    • It was the set of a horror movie
    • haunted attraction for Halloween season


    • Too much contamination
    • Unable to use equipment
    • Priced too high, no running water
    • August 7, 2023 2:06 pm

    Here we go! In January 2023, I along with a few others conducted an investigation of the Waldorf Estate of Fear. From the start, I was let down. Upon arrival, we were told numerous times that the site is a Halloween attraction but that outside of the Halloween season, it is a haunted location. We asked not to be given a tour of the hot spots or told anything about what we could/should expect. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. We walked through the building we could expect from the spirits in each room. Additionally, upon walking into the attic, the group was told that we should point our SLS cameras at the ceiling because the spirit in the attic stayed up there. For those that haven’t been, the attic ceiling is bear with exposed beams – your SLS will map those beams, which can cause false positives for spirits. I should note that the building was still set up with the corpses and other “scary” items. I think this was done to add a smidge of mentalism and sway the investigator’s judgement.

    Following the walkthrough, we broke up into a couple of teams and off we went. We put up several motion activated cameras and ventured off to the notorious basement. The basement is loud and packed with electrical boxes and wires. We placed a rem-pod in the “caged area” and immediately got a non-stop response. I believe this to be a false response because of the amount of electrical equipment (we took the rem out of the cage and electrical equipment, put it down and received no response). We attempted to conduct an EVP session but there was too much noise pollution. After leaving the basement, we made our way to the second floor. In this room, we found an active “talk box” and could hear the staff in their staff room. We could hear them talking and receiving text messages. With the active talk box and the noise from the staff, it was immediately determined that EVP sessions were out the window.

    After finding the talk box, we had seen enough and decided to call it quits. We were told there was a “mothman looking thing” that showed up on their cameras in the room that was directly behind us. Over the following days, I reviewed the images (or lack thereof) to see if there was such an entity and none of the cameras we had placed showed such a figure . . . or any figure/entity. Lastly, to say I was let down is an understatement. Buyer beware . . . or not, it’s your money. If you do capture evidence, I hope you upload it to this site because I’d love to see it. I do believe the Waldorf Estate of Fear would be a great Halloween attraction, but I will not be returning for another paranormal investigation. Please do some research – there are plenty of YouTube videos and interviews.

    Good luck and happy hunting!


    • Great for a Halloween scare!


    • Cluttered
    • Noisy
    • August 7, 2023 12:47 pm

    Hell house is one of those locations that just grabs you. Once you experience it’s activity your instantly hooked. I know I have been many many times. The activity and evidence captured never ceases to amaze me. What people have to remember is yes its where a movie was made some of the set props are still there…its a haunted attraction during haunt season only.(also those so called talk boxes are on only during haunt season lol i use to work there they are for employees in case of emergency they can radio down to staff if something happens fyi they arent 3 way radios) now back to review. Think of it this way..would you go visit elm street set and expect it to be empty!!! No you wouldn’t.. that’s part of its appeal..that’s part of the history..its what sets is apart and it belongs to the house..


    • Paranormal activity
    • Price
    • Location

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