The Haunted Haymond House- Sutton, WV

The Haunted Haymond House- Sutton, WV

The William Edgar Haymond House is a Queen Ann style home built in 1894. It still has it’s original floors and staircase, both of which are beautiful and without any creaking you would expect to find in a home that is over 100 years old. It sits on a sandstone foundation as well.

The home was built by prominent lawyer, William Edgar Haymond, and was home to two of his wives; Emma Catherine (mother of his two children) (1864-1907) and Ethel Rhodes (1871-1932). His grandchild, who died at the age of 8, was listed as living in the home at the time of death.

EVPs (Electronic voice digital recordings) have been captured with a woman’s voice, in total shock while renovators were discussing ideas about removing some of the original features in the home. On the second floor folks have experienced, folks have been grabbed by the arm, in almost an innocent way. Sounds of doors slamming shut on their own have also been captured. Blinds have been raised when lowered, also on their own.

A respected psychic has claimed that he could feel the energy of a mentally challenged spirit. He also reported that a death occurred in the servant stairwell, wither by strangulation or by a hanging. He further confirmed that the property holds many spirits, but none of them wished to harm anyone. They only want to tell their stories.

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    • August 1, 2023 5:13 pm

    The Haunted Haymond presented us with both hospitality and made us feel like we were home from the owner of the property Teresa, and shock as we participated in, in depth conversations between ourselves and the spirits that lurk around the property. Starting in 2022 with this location being the first out of state location Forgotten Explorations would venture off to we were not only filled with excitement to FINALLY be crossing state lines, but scared at the same time to see what stories filled the walls inside this beautiful home.

    Once we got to the Haunted Haymond, all of the wondering went out the window when we had actual INTELLIGENT responses come through each one of our devices, from Jacob and Eiji hearing a growl, us hearing what sounded like a little girl crying for her mom through the spirit box, to chairs being pushed to the ground because we had put them where they didn’t belong, we knew what needed to be done. (We had to return and bring MORE investigators with us to help the spirits tell their story)

    Fast forward to exactly one year later when the Forgotten Friends crew went to their weekend stay at The Haunted Haymond, from multiple successful Estes Sessions, devices going off the charts, the spirits KNOWING that we were trying to hear them talk through the EVP recorder and asking “Can you hear me?” through an ovilus device, to us being told to “Stop Recording” and all of the security cameras turning off.

    I can officially say that this location is one of my favorite places to go, Forgotten Explorations will be back… The only question left unanswered is: When will YOU investigate this beautiful location?


    • 3 bedrooms with 6 beds total
    • 2.5 bathrooms

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