The Historic Boxwood Inn- Newport News, VA

The Historic Boxwood Inn- Newport News, VA

The History

Originally the home of Simon Reid Curtis, the southern mansion was built in 1897. It was the first dwelling built in Lee Hall Village and is the only 19th century building remaining. Mr. Curtis was known as the “Boss Man” of then Warwick County. Mr. Curtis’ family was very well known in Warwick County and owned a great deal of land including Mulberry Island (which is now Ft. Eustis) and End View Plantation. Mr. Curtis designed the house to accommodate his family residence, Hall of Records and Tax Assessor’s office, a General Store and the county Post Office. Simon and Nannie (Cooke) Curtis had four children; Carter Coleman, Douglas Cary, Elsie Cook and Nannie Reed. Mr. & Mrs. Curtis enjoyed sharing their home with guests and were known to host elegant social events and political gatherings. The Curtis’ hosted many special guests including General Pershing and W.C. Fields. They also rented rooms to officers and their families during World War I and World War II.  The Curtis home played an important role in the growth of Lee Hall Village and Warwick County.

After the death of his parents in the 1940s, the eldest son Coleman continued to live in the home with his wife Edith. Edith was a collector of antiques and filled the home with her treasures. When Edith passes away the house was saved from destruction by Mr. & Mrs. Lucas. They purchased the property in 1995 and completely restored the home and opened as the Boxwood Inn.

In June of 2009, the Simon Reid Curtis House was added to the Virginia Landmark Register. The home was added to the National Register of Historic Places in August of 2009. In December of 2008, Kathy and Derek Hulick, along with Kathy’s son Josh and his wife Rebekah took over the Boxwood Inn.

The Haunting

Stay where the ghosts stay when visiting Williamsburg!  Boxwood Inn Bed and Breakfast in Newport News has seven spirits haunting the building. The energy connected to it is strong. How strong? Strong enough to consistently drain new batteries during paranormal events held there.One of the gentle spirit here is said to be one of Nannie Curtis. Harmless activity is the norm, such as doors opening and closing on their own. She is also said to enjoy knocking on doors in the morning. Sleeping in is apparently not her idea of fun for this world. There is also an elderly gentleman, holding a cane, who appears on occasion.

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    • August 1, 2023 5:28 pm

    The Historic Boxwood Inn sits in a triangle of haunted locations in the Hampton Roads area, I personally have had the pleasure of investigating this location three separate times, with each time getting progressively more and more eye opening. The spirits there (The Curtis Family) will definitely let you know when they want to be seen and heard.

    My first time investigating this location, we didn’t get a lot of activity but then again we were very green to the field, this being our very first location we had ever investigated. Fast forward to 6 months later as we were invited back to investigate with the owners at the time and their daughter in one of the most memorable investigations I have ever had. We had EMF equipment going off in sync with our spirit boxes asking “What are these colors?”

    The very best time was the last time we went to this location, the previous owners were selling the building and we were the last team (at least for the foreseeable future) that would be investigating this location. From one of our team members at the time, Jacob Hunter seeing a woman watching him from the top of the stairs, to one of the most intelligent interactions we have ever had with our Flux II Device. All with them knowing that the current owners of the property were selling it and this could be the final time their voices could be heard they made sure to show us that they were still there.

    If you ever have the opportunity to investigate, or even stay at this location I highly recommend. I do not know what the policy is on investigations any longer since the previous owners have no ties to the property, but this place will keep you investigating.


    • Unsure if there are still investigations allowed

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