The Cabin on 360 – Mechanicsville, VA

The Cabin on 360 – Mechanicsville, VA

This land has seen THREE Civil War battles… Bethesda Church, First battle of Gaines Mill, and Totopotomoy Creek… It is estimated that during these three battles, Over 2.000 men died, were wounded,captured, or went MIA on, or CLOSE to this land. Additionally, It was the site of a gruesome murder between half-siblings.

Whose spirits are still here? Whose energy plays a strong roll in the activity on this property? Come investigate and see what answers you receive!! The Cabin itself was built in the early 1980’s an office / model home. It has seen many different business come and go throughout the years. We started using the Cabin on 360 as our base of operations for our investigations a little more than a year ago.

The Cabin comes equipped with a working AC system / one working toilet / a fridge to store food in and a coffee pot. There is plenty of floor space for sleeping or to set up a command center. If you decide to come investigate in the summer wear long pants and bring plenty of bug spray. There are restaurants and grocery stores a few miles down the road if you need them.

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    • August 1, 2023 5:06 pm

    The Cabin on 360 is one of the most profound places I have ever been to. With this location being the FIRST time all four members of Forgotten Explorations being together to investigate, and it also being Jacob Wheeler’s first investigation I wanted it to be somewhat of an easier spot for him to dip his toes in the water. The spirits of the property had a different idea for us.
    As soon as Ryan (the owner of the property) left us for the weekend to be completely on our own, we had two of our team members Jacob Hunter and Eiji FE get locked out of the Cabin and Wheeler and I were left inside alone unaware of what happened to the others. Fast forward to later in the night when Wheeler and I had our first encounter with the shadow figure that has been seen inside of the Old Rancher next door to the cabin, during a spirit box session that ended with the device saying “He is coming”.

    Day Two, we went to the woods and had tons of experiences talking to soldiers from the Civil War. Nothing had prepared us for what was to come when we returned to the Cabin however. When we returned to the Cabin Jacob, Wheeler and myself saw a doll get forcefully pushed on a chair with our own eyes. Later, Wheeler and I had our second encounter with this shadow inside the Old Rancher when we were completely alone AGAIN, then told whatever it was we weren’t afraid until it began running up the stairs from the basement to us.

    If you asked me what my number 1 spot I have investigated is, I would have to say it’s this location. From the Civil War soldiers still being heard in the 7 acres of land that surrounds the area, whatever lurks in the shadows inside the basement of the Old Rancher, getting intelligent responses like our names, devices being turned off because the spirits “didn’t want us there”, and so much more. This location is a great way for ANY investigator to spend their night or weekends.

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